You have a seemingly minor repair or improvement. Since most contractors don't want to be bothered with small jobs, you don't know who to contact that will be willing to take care of it for you. You've heard the horror stories about contractors/handymen who don't return calls. If you manage to set up an appointment with one, you may have to take off work to show them the project. So you set a time, take off work or stay home on the weekend to meet them, then they are late, or don't show up at all. Now you're thinking, "why don't I just do it myself?" But you're hesitant to do it yourself because you want it to look like a professional job. So now your irritated and you call again to find out what happened, but can't get a hold of him......

STOP!!!.........If you can grip a basic tool, I can walk you through the repair, or improvement, revealing the "tricks of the trade" that will give you professional results! You can avoid the contractor relations hassle, learn valuable skills, save money, and feel a great sense of accomplishment and self worth. And this is just the start! After your first successful project, you can tackle others as they come up. Eventually you will graduate to more difficult projects, and this is where you will save big Money

With the basic, or more advanced projects you want to take on, I will help you with the planning, material lists, scheduling, and instructions as how to implement the work (anything from a simple drywall repair, to the construction of a whole house)........I will also be there to walk you through any roadblocks you may know the ones the contractor will want to hit you up for as expensive EXTRAS!

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